The Black Rose

No Rating, Just Tom's views on his relationship with Chakotay.

Inspired by all those who write about the dark side of the maquis captain.

And thanks and more thanks to BratKatze for her beta skills..

I sit alone in this darkened room awaiting your arrival.

I know I'll do just as you say, an instinct for survival.

My need was just a gentle smile or a simple word of praise

A need to let me lose myself in the warmth of your gaze.

I bared my soul, I told you all I ever had endured.

An open wound to let you in and allow me to be lured.

I thought I saw a strength in you, my wounds you said you'd heal.

But the loving look and tender words were never ever real.

You wanted me I know that now, but not the way I thought,

you wanted me that special way with all the pain it brought.

I thought I'd turned my life around, starting fresh again,

but here I sit upon your bed expecting only pain.

I feel my fear increasing as I gaze upon the door, soon you'll be here

within this room and I'll turn into your whore.

It frightens me the pleasure that seems to be your need,

to hurt me and to tear my flesh while you fill me with your seed.

You strike me once, you strike me twice, my blood begins to flow,

and now that you are satisfied you'll turn from me and go.

Despite my body's protests and my crying with the pain.

I know that I will find myself within your lair again.