On The Road To Healing
Rating: N/C 17
Genres:Established Relationship, Hurt Comfort Warnings: Graphic Sex
Category: Slash, PairingsMcKay/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard,Rodney McKay,Stephen Caldwell

Summary: John Sheppered has been recuperating after a severe illness. Getting John to relax is more of a challenge and Rodney tries to take some of the pressure from John's shoulders.

Author's Note: This story intimates that there is another established relationship between John and Stephen Caldwell


John sits in the front of Stephen Caldwell’s SUV watching without interest the changing landscapes as they move from the countryside and the small farm he’d been brought back to to ‘mend’ towards LA.

If he closes his eyes his mind is flooded with images of his partner his lover as those quick sure fingers slowly stripped him out of the leather chaps he had been trying on the previous evening.

The only thing Rodney had left in place was the beaded collar; he had kissed John into submission and an agreement to wear it for the whole trip, not just at the clubs that Stephen and John might find themselves visiting.

“It’s beautiful, just like you.” Rodney’s fingers had stroked first his throat then his cheek briefly before setting on another path.

Rodney’s hands had been strong and sure as he covered every inch of John’s body, a body which was now pain free and back at full health. John sighs, he’s thankful to the doctors really he is because Rodney needs a strong hand at times and John was failing him at every turn as his body started to close down around him….the trouble is that the doctors didn’t take any of the emotional burden when they healed him and John can’t help but sit and pick apart every wrong decision he has made over the last few months whenever he’s alone with his own thoughts.

His lover, his rock had petted and loved him last night, easing aches in tired muscles with strong fingers, tormenting and sensitising his skin with an insistent tongue. Rodney never questioned the fact that HIS Master would be willing to sub for another man over the next couple of weeks. But then this isn’t just another Dom this is Caldwell and he’s a Master of Masters and John’s mentor. And Caldwell has suggested that this is something John needs. Time away from the responsibility of work and even his own submissive partner.

And like every other problem they had faced while on Atlantis Rodney had taken  it in his stride…. Right now however his sixth sense told him that John needed something from him, from his lover, and that he couldn’t come right out and ask for.

When that hot mouth had found his ass John had started to tremble.

“Relax John.” Rodney’s words were soft, gentle, warm almost like a blanket.

“Shhh shhh that’s right just let it go, let me be in control for a little while, just a little while John.”

That hot tongue had licked wet stripes across his ass and soft lips had left a trail of kisses before Rodney spoke again.

“I won’t mark you,” teeth graze across his skin, “you can’t wear another man’s marks with those chaps. Not when you’re going to be spending time with the Keeper, wearing his collar and leash.”

John almost wanted to protest, and probably would have after his brain had fully engaged again but Rodney’s fingers were moving on his ass, pulling his ass cheeks apart and exposing him to Rodney’s gaze and any rational thought had fled from John’s mind again.

“God I love doing this for you, love when I can take the weight from your shoulders for a little while.”

There was a soft chuckle before Rodney continued. “Wouldn’t like to do it all the time, I mean kinda used to being the one y’know on the receiving end with you calling the shots but when you’re tired like this it’s just right for us I can feel it in my gut.”

John’s fingers had flexed and he tried to reach back and touch Rodney.

“No you don’t.  Keep still hands at your sides, you’re not to move understand?”

John had bitten back the soft growl given Rodney a tight nod and closed his eyes trying to concentrate fully on Rodney’s warm breath against his skin.

“You can come any time you want love ok? But just remember I’m going to be fucking you after this so you might want to wait until I’m inside you.”

John had started to tremble again and for a moment Rodney had released his grip on his ass and stroked his hip calming him.

“Just relax love, love you.”

John’s knees had almost buckled under him when he felt the first swipe of that warm wet tongue against his hole and the sound, his sounds, whimpering with need almost pitiful to his own ears as Rodney pushed his tongue deep into his ass.

“Rodney! Rodney! oh god sweetheart, so good so good please sweetheart, please…”

One of Rodney’s hands had moved between his legs and fingers were gently massaging him over and over working that sensitive piece of skin just behind his balls.
His head was spinning and he was moaning, pleading for something he needed and then Rodney was gently pulling back.

“Good, good boy, move over to the bed love, kneel on all fours, don’t want you falling and hurting yourself.”

“Again! Please?” the two words were almost a sob but John needed more of that burning heat.

“Shhh, I’m here, I’ve got you, I know what you need.”

Rodney moved close behind him after he had settled in the middle of the bed. Gentle fingers stroked his spine moving down and down to where he needed them to be.

“Please sweetheart, please, please.”

Soft lips touch the bottom of his spine then he’s being opened again and probed by that questing tongue for a few moments before Rodney decides he needs more and replaces it with two thick fingers which stretch and pull at the tight ring of muscle.

“God love your tight,” Rodney works those saliva slicked fingers deep and John is moaning now pushing back against Rodney, looking for more.

“That’s it love, just relax, it’ll be so much better if I work you open first.”

Rodney takes his time and John is lost in waves of sensation and then crying out when a fingertip grazes across that spot deep inside him.

“Rodney! Oh! Oh holly fuck sweetheart!”

Those insistent fingers are removed and John feels Rodney move back, hears the sound of a zipper being pushed down then Rodney is back, heavy cock pushing at his hole, demanding entrance.

“God! So good love, so fucking good doing this for you, you feel wonderful round me. Going to give you what you need, want you to come for me love. Come on my cock, let me feel you let go of all that tension.”

Rodney’s now rocking into him over and over, taking him higher, making his head swim. He can feel his orgasm growing, heat spreading out across his groin and working its way into his stomach. It’s a good thing he’s not standing anymore because he doubts his legs would have kept him up.

An arm slips round his waist grabbing his leaking cock and starts to pump him in time with the deep thrusts.

“I’ve got you, I’ve got you love, let it go…just let it all go for me.”

And John is bucking against that tight fist, his vision greying his whole body trembling as he comes and comes harder than he can remember for a long time.

He barely registers at first Rodney’s soft grunt behind him along with the tight grip on his hips and then he realises his lover is filling him, claiming him as his own.

Rodney gently pulls out and eases them both down onto their sides and then pulls the comforter over the both of them.

“You’ll make Caldwell proud when you go out.” Gentle fingers are stroking his shoulder lulling him towards sleep.

“Remember,” the words are hushed, whispered, “you’re my master, my love, mine.”

A gentle kiss is pressed against his shoulderblade then John drifts to sleep.

John grunts, eyes springing open and he notices the light has changed, its getting dark out and they are on the outskirts of the city.

Stephen is watching him, eyes dark and searching “We're almost there, good sleep John?”

John blushes, shifting a little on the seat to relieve the pressure of his swelling cock.

“Yeah, good sleep Sir. Very good sleep.”

Stephen nods a quick glance at Johns lap telling him how good.


He holds Johns gaze waiting to see if the man will comply.

He can see the internal struggle then John's body relaxes.

"Master" he replies softly.

Its time to Heal.