Just Another Day

Authors Note: This short story was written in answer to the Cha Club Valentine Challenge. The story had to include 'rose', 'chocolate',

'oyster', 'whips', 'chains', 'Bridge', 'orgasm', 'turbolift', 'red', 'blue', 'white', 'rainbow', 'art'.

Dedicated to Meg and Robin

Tom sat in the mess hall and stared out the window at the nebula hanging in space. He watched as it changed to take in all the colours of the rainbow. A work of art by Gods hand if that was, he believed in God.

In the background Neelix sang happily to himself while he bustled about. "It's Valentines Day today Tom" he said as he dropped a posy of white and red roses into the centre of the table where Tom sat. "I found the reference to St Valentine in the ships data banks and you know me, moral officers have a duty to keep the crew happy. What do you think?"

"About what?" Tom said vaguely.

Neeix grabbed the arm of the pilot and indicated for him to follow him. Tom just sighed, and rose to his feet. He followed Neelix into the small kitchen, trays of oysters sitting in their shells and rich dark chocolates in the shape of hearts were all ready to greet the crew when they arrived.

"Very nice," Tom said quietly, "you always do well Neelix. The crew will love this."

"Will you and the commander be joining us?" The Talaxian enquired.

"I'm not sure Neelix, I don't know what Chakotay has in mind for today." With a half hearted smile Tom turned and left Neelix to continue with his preparations.

He stepped into the turbolift.

"Deck 5," he said quietly, and then continued "computer what time is it?"

"The time is 1415 hours."

"Shit, Chakotay will be finished his bridge duty in 45 minutes." Tom said out loud to himself. He made his way along the corridor, stopping outside one of the doors he reluctantly keyed in the access code to the quarters he shared with Chakotay.

"Computer lights 50 per cent."

Tom watched as the dark quarters lit up in front of him. A moment of fear hit him then left as quickly as it had arrived. Taking a deep breath he made his way to the bathroom. He carefully removed his clothing trying not to put pressure on the black blue bruises that covered his torso and inner thigh's and stepped into the shower. The warm water felt good on his skin, he could have stood there all day but Chakotay would be home soon and he would be prepared.

He did not bother to dress. There was no point and it would only anger Chakotay if he was made to wait. Checking the time again he made is way quickly to the bedroom. He pulled a small case from the wardrobe and laid it on the bed. He didn't want to open it but if things were not as Chakotay liked, it would be all the worse for him he knew. Sighing he lifted the lid of the case and stared at the contents. A variety of whips, chains and a Klingon pain stick lay inside. Tom placed each item on the bed. Chakotay would choose which he would use when he arrived. And that depended as always on his mood. If he had had a rough time on duty Tom would have a rough time at Chakotay's hand. If Chakotay had had a good shift then perhaps Tom would not be hurt so badly. Sighing again he moved to the bed table opening the drawer he lifted out the dermal regenerator and the tube of lubricant. They to were placed on the bed. And now Tom sat and waited, if he was not too badly hurt and Chacotay was pleased enough with the way Tom brought him to orgasm he may get to join the others at the Valentine's celebration. Chakotay would be at his side. To the crew the perfect couple, celebrating their love.

But to Tom it would be just another day.