A Taste Of Kisses

Characters:-John and Rodney and a couple of guys that may well really be on Atlantis ;)
Rating:- So tame its pathetic :)

Summery:- Rodney is a very observant and also a very curious creature


Rodney sat shoulder to shoulder with John in the large room that the Atlantis expedition team had commandeered to be a makeshift cinema.
The titles were rolling up on the screen of the latest movie that John Sheppard had managed to convince Colonel Caldwell was vital to the survival of Atlantis. Pitch Black!

"Well that was…." Rodney muttered something that sounded vaguely like brain numbing but John wasn't quite sure.

"What are you talking about? It was great, monsters, bad guys and good guys what else could you ask for? Rodney?" John turned to see why Rodney Mc Kay was suddenly so quiet. "McKay?" he asked again following the mans gaze to the far corner of the room to where a tall blond haired man was leaning over the back of one of the couches kissing the dark haired man who was sitting on the couch in front but had turned to face him.

"I never thought I would ever say this but they two look so natural together," Rodney said sounding almost awestruck. Or as awestruck as an astrophysicist who knew everything about everything could be.

John raised an eyebrow at the comment but said nothing.

"Hirvisalo has been like a different person since Jameison arrived last year with the new batch of personnel, the two of them have rarely been apart." Rodney kept his gaze fixed on the two men
watching as Aleksi reached down and gently stroked the side of his lover Brian's face.

"Does it bother you?" John asked

Rodney mutely shook his head while continuing to watch the two men.

"You know I've always wondered what it would feel like to kiss a man, you know, could it be as gentle as kissing a woman or is it rougher. It looks just as gentle," he said more to himself than John.

Rodney turned to face John, "I wonder if it tastes the same. I imagine it would, not that I'm much of an expert on kissing but, damn they just seem so, I don't know….."

"In love?" John asked, Rodney shrugged and stood up, "guess so, you coming colonel or are you going to sit and watch that godwaful film all over again?"

John got up and followed Rodney out of the door and down the corridor, their quarters were not far from the hall so there was no
need for a transporter ride.

"Aleksi Hirvisalo is Finnish you know and Brian Jameison is from the UK, Portsmouth or somewhere." Rodney said, "Who would have thought a Finn and an Englishman would pair up, and they kiss, they always kiss and Aleksi seems to love it. I noticed he often closes his eyes."

"Rodney!" John stop walking, "If I remember correctly you *have* kissed a man before, you've kissed Carson remember?"

Rodney frowned, "No I didn't Laura did, and before you say it was my body, I didn't feel anything, Yes I knew it happened but no I didn't feel a man's lips on mine."

Rodney dropped his head and started to walk again, another few minutes and he found himself standing with Shepard at the colonels room.

"Right." Rodney said rather distractedly "0900 hours tomorrow, meeting, Elizabeth, some stupid agreement she wants to make with those apes we encountered on PX127, see you in the morning." And he
made to move off.


Rodney turned to see what it was John Sheppard wanted only to find himself being propelled through the door to Sheppard's quarters and pushed up against the wall. Suddenly the warmth of lips were on his
own, soft but harsher, demanding yet gentle, sweet and savory at the same time.
He made to protest but all he could find strength to do was quietly moan into the kiss. He found that his tongue strayed into Sheppard's mouth of its own accord, searching stroking and tasting.
He could feel the warmth of John Sheppard's body seeping through the tight jeans and white t-shirt and all of a sudden his cock jumped and started to swell and FUCK!! Being kissed by John and kissing John
back was turning him on?

John pulled Rodney even closer rubbing himself against him and running his hands down Rodney's back. Breaking the kiss John kissed his way along Rodney's jaw and Rodney let his head fall back to give
John access to his neck.

John kissed his way up to Rodney's ear and whispered, "like it?"

Rodney moaned and moved to capture John's mouth. "Love it," he said and then with a nip to John's bottom lip he whispered, "Whoever has to get out of bed first in the morning has to get the coffee."

John grinned, "what about Elizabeth?"

Rodney started to push John towards the bed. "She can get her own coffee, I'll be to busy washing my coffee down with the taste of morning kisses."

End of mad hagginess