The Black Rose


Rating: R

Summery: Chakotay's feelings about his relationship with Tom.

Thanks BratKatze for her beta work

As I head towards my quarters

I know fine that you'll be there

And I'll watch you from my doorway

As your body you prepare

I have taken all the sparkle

From once bright and shining eyes

And quietly you'll kneel for me

Your head between my thighs

Your body you submit to me

To do with what I wish

And you know now not to fight me

As your being craves my kiss

I own you body, soul and mind

And you're the one to blame

You shared with me the life you lived

Involved me in your pain

When I leave you hurt and bloodied

And I walk out through my door

I know that you'll be back again

My beautiful blue eyed whore

I've convinced you that the pain I cause

Is absolution for your past

And I revel in the knowledge

That I own you now at last.