These are some of the most fantastic Slash stories I have read. Written by some very wonderful writers.

The X Files

 24/7 by Xanthe Fox Mulder signs away all rights to his own body to a mysterious player on the BDSM scene. [Its just the most amazing story, sad, funny, sensual,almost brutal in parts]

Subterfuge by Xanthe A ritualistic serial killer is on the loose and to catch him Mulder and Skinner go undercover as Sub and Dom the gay BDSM underworld and end up fighting for their lives. [totally intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat]

Stargate Atlantis

Coming Home by Xanthe This takes place in an alternate universe where BDSM is the norm and heterosexual relationships are not.John Sheppard has recently been asigned to Atlantis. The first time he meets Dr Rodney McKay he knows he knows the man  is trouble but there is just something about the scientist that draws John.

General & Dr Sheppard by Xanthe The General and his husband Dr Rodney Sheppard are sucked from their own univers during an accident while using a piece of ancient technology. In our universe Rodney and John have to come to terms with their counterparts BDSM relationship.                         

 In the City of the Seven Walls by Auburn This is a slave fic. Auburn's summery that 
"Gilded cages are still cages. Sheppard and McKay turn to each other to survive a life in slavery and afterward" sums the story up wonderfully.


A Taste of Apples by Auburn Wonderfully written science fiction. The SGA team are affected by the spores of a strange plant.

Sacrificial Drift by Auburn This is the sequel to A Taster of Apples. John and Rodney's relationship developes.


Beloved Enemy by Kalkasar This story grew out of  "Year Of Hell Pt II". Tom and Cha find out not only about what makes each other tick but how easy it is to lose sight of themselves.

Broken Images by Kalkasar Wonderful story full of angst and hurting Tom Paris.

Dark Images by Kalkasar  A sequel to Broken Images. Written by Kal for me :) This series is an Alternate Universe story in that it has Doctor Julian Bashir aboard Voyager as the doctor after he is accidentally pulled into the Delta Quadrant with Voyager

The Taming of Tom Paris by Britta This is the first BDSM story I ever read in any fandom and the one which fired my imagination and made my heart race. It also spurred me on to write my own little stories and its how I became a member of The Cha Club and met my long time pen pal Kalkasar :)Chakotay decides to take Tom Paris in hand and its hot hot hot

Quarantine by Kalkasar Tom and Chakotay are attacked on an away mission and Tom is left desperately ill with an unknown virus. Can Chakotay prove to Tom that he is not trying to take advantage of his weakness. The race is on to find a cure, and this mission will leave the two men changed forever.


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