Stargate Atlantis Slash Fiction

      Rest John Shepard is tired and he has disobeyed a direct order N/C17
     The Last Mission :John and Rodney take a last vacation on Atlantis PG
      I Cut Myself Today  John deals with the aftermath of Sunday R

      Always A Reason   
Atlantis feels the needs in her children and decides to help PG
  Don't Ask    Elizabeth and Teyla wonder if there is something more than friendship between John and Rodney PG

      A Taste Of kisses    Rodney has a curious nature PG

      Penance    Rodney  needs something and its John he turns to NC/17

       A Different Kind of Loving  Rodney muses over his relationship with John Sheppard G

       An Acceptable Sacrifice    Rodney discovers just how far he will go to save John Sheppard's life N/C17

     Respite and Absoloution    John is coming apart and no one notices except Caldwell. NC/17 D/s warning Not complete

      Healing John Shepard is recuperating after a serious injury but he needs his lover and his mentor to truely heal N/C17

      Little White Pills No one would blame him and nobody knew PG